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We believe investment decisions should be made within the context of a carefully designed financial plan that aligns portfolio construction with long-term financial goals. 

We provide financial planning services on an hourly basis, flat-fee project based and retainer depending on the complexity and scope of services needed. 

Financial Planning Fees

Utilizing leading financial planning software, we offer financial planning expertise in the following areas:

Business Planning

Provide advice on how best to structure your business, protect your assets, or exit your business through sale or transfer.

Cash Flow & Debt Management Planning

We help clients develop a realistic budget, identify savings opportunities, and when necessary debt reduction strategies. Our unbiased perspective benefits clients with savings opportunities that result in improved lifestyles.

College Planning

With ever increasing tuition costs, we assist clients in developing a savings strategy and offer guidance on various college savings vehicles; Coverdell education savings account, UTMA/UGMA accounts, and 529 plans.

For college-bound families, we help compare different school options across the country, calculate EFCs, and search for best-fit schools for your college-bound student. 

Lastly, for college graduates, we can help the main borrower or parent review their student loan repayment options and expected costs to repay their loans in a variety of situations.

Equity Compensation Planning

Create a plan to grow your wealth by evaluating your restricted stock units (RSUs), non-qualified stock options (NQSOs), incentive stock options (ISOs), and/or employee stock purchase plan (ESPP).

Investment Planning

We build customized global investment portfolios utilizing investment managers that can deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns utilizing different investment vehicles; brokerage account, IRA, 403(b), 401(k), and self-directed brokerage accounts.

Retirement Savings & Income Planning

We help clients solve one of the hardest problems in finance, the challenge of turning lifelong savings into retirement spending. We evaluate current assets, savings habits, projected living expenses and income needs to develop a realistic investment, saving and spending strategy for retirement factoring in Social Security benefits, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

We perform an insurance needs analysis for life changing events; marriage, children, career transitions, property, disability, and business ventures. We review your current coverages and workplace benefits to ensure appropriate plans are in place for those you care for with the assistance of trusted outside professionals and advise on implementation.

Tax & Estate Planning

We help identify strategies to help clients reduce their tax burden in managing their stock compensation, maxing out your 401(k), real estate ownership, deducting business expenses and tax-free income.

Lastly, we help clients understand the basics of estate and legacy planning for the transfer or distribution of assets to loved ones in the case of illness or death.

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